Latest Varmala Theme for 2017(16)

1, Water Fountain Varmala Concept:
No to hydraulic No to crane No to dancers… yes!! Because we are introducing latest and game changer of jaimala industry, The Water Fountain. We make the combination of Flower, Candle and Fountain to maintain its the natural and more glance.

2, Candle Pyramid Jaimala Theme:
last season we created Paris with Eiffel tower concept and this season its time to create city of pyramid “Egypt”. We launched a big size candle effect pyramid to fill your jaimala full of flame light and flame heat. (new & latest)

3, Flower Valley Varmala Concept:
This one is the best option in a limited budget, under the all-round ¾ covering flower canopy and special pyro effect make the ambiance elegance to the next level. If You always demand for latest and unique this one for you.

(Note: for latest varmala concept we had not attached videos because of piracy, for more detail about concepts feel free to contact.)

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Outdoor Tent Theme

Everyone, at one time or another, has toyed with the idea of having an outdoor tent wedding. The fresh air, the room and the freedom it inspires fills us with romantic nation of how perfect our wedding could be. Do you remember the gaudy red yellow, purple wedding shamianas or tent that were used in almost every wedding back in the day, especially in Indian village ? The most striking of these tents, we remember were the inbuilt cloth, chandeliers, scallops and frills in vivid colors.

There is nothing more Beautiful than the way

the winds trying to Kiss

the canvas and Tent Refuses.


We know as Indian wedding gat fancier and trendier, these tents were shunned and tents which coordinate with the theme and enhanced the look of the venue we preferred. Sometime it may so happen that the venue is deal in terms of cost and capacity, but may not go in sync with your theme because of its gaudy wall color, chipping wall paint or ugly ceilings. Opting for a tent theme solves this problem, you are able to personalize every element of the décor and transform the space into what you have visualized for the special day.



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Birthday is one occasion which is celebrated across the world and it knows no cultural religious barriers. There is no reason why a birthday should be treated as any other other day.

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Today is the oldest you’ve ever been

and the youngest you’ll ever be again


Birthday is one occasion which is celebrated across the world and it knows no cultural religious barriers. There is no reason why a birthday should be treated as any other day. Various birthday party themes have become the new trend nowadays, you no longer have to spend hours thinking how to put up a spotless party far your kid, give us that chance to make real life superman of your child’s dream. LEEAD offers variety of B’day themes that have become the new style of celebration. We make themes on your child interest. For instance, if your kid is a sports freak, we will decorate the entire ambience with suitable props and cutouts. We will design the whole theme on football like a stadium where every guest is a player of a single team and enjoying the game in your child captaincy.

Similarly, if your little Princess is fond of Barbie’s, then we mix acrylic, thermocol and sunboard for effective and 3D cutout to make them alive as a Disney world. Even the cake can be in the shape of a Barbie house. These themes are very attractive and take the children to the fantasy world. They watch such characters regularly on the television and dressing up like one of them would be too exciting for them. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Superman, Cinderella, Chhota Bheem, Tom and Jerry are some of their favourite characters that they try to identify with.

Apart from these characters, there are lots of other themes as well with LEEAD special. LEEAD are always bubbling with new and unique ideas for kids. We give you a wide range of options from where you choose what will be bets for your child. You just need to know your child’s interests and likes.





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