Wedding Entertainmant

“ Celebrate every Little things in wedding,
for someday you will realize they were the Big Things ”

A bride and groom want their wedding to not only be memorable for themselves, but also for their guests. To stand out you have to have some truly unique details that guests will enjoy and remember for years to come. Entertainment is such a big part of the day, whether it is during the reception drinks, the wedding breakfast, or later on into the evening. Choosing the right entertainment that fits with you as a couple is a key part to the wedding planning and keeping your guests entertained will be the icing on the cake to a fabulous wedding
LEEAD offers wide variety of entertainments to cater to the needs of guest. You just have to pick from our wide variety of entertainment to make the ceremony Grand and Talking Point and will fit into your budgets and needs.
When it comes to leave a lasting impression of your big day, the wedding entertainment you choose makes all the difference. The kind of entertainment you choose can make or break your wedding event.
A wedding DJ can be an economical and fun way to add live entertainment to your wedding reception. Wedding DJs can play a wide variety of music and help you craft a wedding reception that fits your wishes and needs perfectly.
Wedding Choreographers
Dance is most appropriate way to express you gladness. So do not worry whether you are 5 yrs or 70 yrs. You are trained or untrained dancer. Our dance choreographers are ready to teach you groovy steps and to make you fabulous dance performer.
Wedding bands
Band can hypnotize you and do whatever they want by their music. The best way to express the excitement and regain energy not only for the groom-bride’s friends but for everyone who wants to celebrate in the rocking manner.
It is the way that directly connect with your heart whether it’s a retro Bellwood music or fresh latest version. Some romantic tracks in voice of renowned singing personality like Kumar Shanu, Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan or Punjabi boy Mika Singh can take your heart beat on the different genre.
Carry Catcher
Carry catcher is working in a crowd, around the tables or subtly scribbling away to one side, Chrissy’s caricatures will create a buzz, engage the guests and help to spread a party atmosphere. Your guests will be amazed to watch the pictures being drawn in under five minutes and there’s always plenty of banter and participation in the fun. The victims will certainly want to show off their pictures to each other on the day, and keep them afterwards as a memento of the occasion.
Fire Artists
Fire artists are becoming more recognized as a skill and art form these days, so if you want some ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ as dusk descends without the firework display, let them hypnotize your guests with twirling flames.
LEEAD Entertainment options are…..
o Celebrity Emcees/Host
o Celebrity Performers
o International Performers
o Dance Troupes
o Free Style Dancers
o Sufi/ Gazal/ Folk Singers
o Stand Up Comedians
o TV Stars/ Models
o Magicians
o Bollywood Actors
o Item Girls
o Reality show performers

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