Q.1   Do you guys will fit in my budget?

Ans. We have different types of budgets. You can choose any budget which suits
          your criteria.


Q.2   What will be the procedure for booking an event?

Ans. You can make a call to us or you can mail us your queries or if you are
          interested then we can fix a meeting at our office or outside anywhere.


Q.3  Does your fees is already included in the budget or it is excluded?

Ans. It is always excluded.


Q.4  What is the procedure of payment?

Ans. At the time of booking of the event 50% will be submitted as a token money.
          30% will be submitted 7 days before an event. 20% will be submitted 2 days
          before an event.


Q.5  What type of theme you will provide?

Ans. We have different type of themes for every type of event, you can choose
          anyone from those themes. Or if you want we can personalize the theme
          according to your need and demands.


Q.6  Do you provide options for venues?

Ans. Yes, we will provide options according to your budget and package.


Q.7  Do you provide catering facility?

Ans. Yes, we will provide catering facility on Hire bases.


Q.8  Do I need to pay extra charges for additional services?

Ans. Yes, each and everything which is already not mentioned in the package will
          be chargeable.


Q.9  Do you guys need any favor from my side?

Ans. Always.


Q.10 What is the cancellation policy? If due to some reason I have to cancel the

Ans. Yes, we have our own cancellation policy and some terms & conditions
          related to the policy.