We would like to be the first choice for those people

who are looking for a WOW factor

LEEAD is from one of the India’s leading Event & Entertainment Company. Who always believe that ethics and excellence coupled with the vision, and adaptability are essential for a successful business, and the team of LEEAD actualizes these beliefs. We are motivated to give our best every day. Our commitment towards our business is that we will provide Qualitative and Balanced services.

Professionalism, we always have the best employees whom we have always given the space and freedom in which they can create new concepts and ideas for their better growth and development. We always support them and only demand the performance.

Dignity (Morality) of individual, we always value the morality of each and every individual to whom we are working or who is working for growth. Everyone has rights to express their opinions, ideas and suggestions and we always appreciate the efforts of an individual.

Clients always come first, the existence of our business is only because of our clients. We are here to fulfill their need, demands and the expectations to maintain our goodwill in the market.

Focus on quality, our main target is to give qualitative work and satisfaction to our clients and to our Audience. We exchange quality with the money which cherishes our clients.

Creativeness in our work, we always try to do something new and creative. We generate new concepts everyday for our clients on their demands and this process is infinite.


We Around The Globe

We want LEEAD to be the leading Event & Entertainment Company globally in few upcoming years. We want to generate maximum to maximum employment and will provide the work to searchers.

We will create our own Brands worldwide. Our mission is to be passionate in anticipating and providing the best services to our clients and to our audience.

Our Products And Services

We organize special types of event whether it’s personal or corporate, whatever the budget. We try to provide our services to those who are passionate to full fill their dreams, of Dream Celebration.