Vintage Theme

Vintage Theme

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Everyone knows every Bride wants to be treated like Princess,

but we also know every Groom also wants to be treated like Prince

Vintage simply means something being old-fashioned, classical or from another time. Of course, it also means the year a wine’s grapes were harvested but in terms of a vintage wedding a vintage theme encapsulates “from another time”. This could be the 1980s or perhaps Retro time or the 1920s whatever tickles your fancy really. Choose your favourite era from the past and incorporate any aspects of the era into any part of your wedding. It could be something as simple as wearing your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding gown.

There are so many fun parts while planning a vintage wedding, but envisioning your wedding décor is easily the enjoyable. It’s all about roses and crystals, elephants and horses, parsian inspired soirees, vintage vehicle, elegant rose garden theme. It is the reminder of old era by using of bird cages, candles, chandeliers, vintage linens and pearls. Beautiful accents like mirrors with Victorian frame, gorgeous centerpieces with crystal and dramatic light can make your Indian vintage theme wedding yet fresh and modern.